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Help every athlete reach their full athletic potential

My Program


We know we should be getting into the weight room, but don’t always know exactly what’s going to get the best results. Each athlete is different and needs different training methods. That’s why I come alongside each athlete to develop a 100% custom plan for athleticism.


Every professional athlete will talk about their nutrition when they are asked about their success. We all know the saying “garbage in, garbage out”, but how should you really eat? We work with you so you can keep eating what you love while still seeing world class results.

Injury Prevention

You can’t get better if you’re sidelined by an injury. Research has shown us time and time again that many chronic injuries are preventable if the proper measures are taken to counter the harsh toll you put on your body during competition.

Mindset Development

All sports become more and more of a mental game as your skill level increases. Have you ever noticed the routines of your favorite athletes? These don’t happen by accident, they’re developed. We help you create consistent, high level results every time you step on the field.

Athlete Wins

Coming into this program, my goals were to simply become a better athlete. Being able to perform at the Division 1 level is challenging, so becoming a better athlete all the time is extremely beneficial as a baseball player. When I started, I wasn’t exactly happy with where my athletic ability and body type were. To put it simply, I was average. Throughout this program, I can see the changes both athletically and physically. I didn’t exactly come into this program wanting to look the part, but as I continue, I can see my body shape into something I can be more proud of. Kade’s training is helping me move toward my goal of being a professional athlete, because I am getting closer to be a 5-Tool player. To say Kade Capps is a good fitness coach is an understatement. He constantly checks up on his athletes and makes sure they are staying motivated through the process. Just take the leap and let him go to work for you.
Coach Kade has been a huge help in my fitness journey. He not only motivated me immensely to get back on track with my goals, but also included a step-by-step process on how to do so. Coaching one-on-one with him was great. He dedicated his full attention for more than an hour in order to customize and fit my own workout plan according to my equipment, available time and preferred exercises. I can’t leave behind the fact that I’ve also gained a bit of knowledge from every single time I’ve spoken to him. I highly recommend hiring Kade if what you’re looking for is a dedicated, knowledgeable, prepared and caring coach.
I have been training with Kade for years and have always trusted his advice. I know he’s knowledgeable and a lot smarter than I am. Also I know he is very science based not focused on the latest fad in training.
My goals are to get down to 8% body fat and maintain that year-round as well as increase size, strength and overall fitness
I started at 13% and got down to about 11% in about 8 weeks wanting to be the fittest, strongest and most capable Athlete
Kade focuses on what works for an individual rather than what worked for him and he is willing to make changes on the fly as well as any adjustments without hesitation